10 April 2010

Gob-A-Licious Baby!

I love GOBS!

Those of you that know me know that I love cake, especially chocolate cake.
What better way to eat your cake than for it to be portable!

Portable, individually wrapped, and with a creamy center.
Oh, how I love me a creamy center... sigh...

When I make Gobs they don't last very long - 2 days, tops.
Sometimes I have to double the batch and freeze half because I can't control myself and my Gob consumption.
They're like crack, I tell ya!

There is quite the debate on the true origin of Gobs, or Whoopie Pies if you prefer.

Some say that they were originated in Medieval Germany.

Others will say they originated in Maine.

Maybe they came from the Amish or the Pennsylvania Dutch.

I think, I read somewhere that the little tasty cake got the name Gob from coal miners. I guess they looked like lumps of coal in what they called gob piles.

Wherever they came from and whomever invented these sinful little treats, THANK YOU!

Did you know that there was recently a Gob craze?
I guess it was about a year or two ago when folks were going crazy for Gobs.
Now living in Podunk and out of mainstream anything, I get my news and trends about a year or so behind the rest of the world. Well sweethearts, I can say this, there has been a Gob craze going on every day of my Gob-Lovin life! I'm way ahead of the trend!

I made these gobs using a small scoop, a little less than a tablespoon in volume. I used small truffle candy boxes that easily fit 4-6 mini gobs to give as thank you gifts. I first dusted the gobs with powdered sugar so they wouldn't stick to each other. Using a small triangle of parchment paper, I lined the box before packing with the sweet treats. I folded the excess parchment over, closed the lid to the box and secured the box with coordinating ribbon.


  1. We SO wish we lived next to Babushka in Podunk! We hope our blog is an inspirational as yours. Irene @ KAF

  2. saw you link on king arthurs blog...I can totally relate I the part of having made gobs (I call them whoopies) since forever...and yeah, suddenly everyone thinks they are trendy! :) Beautiful pictures, by the way.
    Cathy B. @ brightbakes

  3. Whoopie pues arent the same as gobs! Gobs are far superior and im headed home from Pa as i type this and have plans of making home made gobs this week as our favorite gob baker has retired.